Art Journaling


creative expression

For many years people have told me to use a journal to get my thoughts and feeling out of my head and onto paper. I would give it a go and purchase a beautiful and quite often an expensive journal to pour my deepest thoughts into. I would sit there and stare at the page for awhile and then start to write some words telling my story. Well, I am very easily distracted and my mind would drift off and then I would get up and wander around finding things to do. Why couldn't I concentrate and be in the moment of writing?

I now understand that I am a visual and kinesthetic person so the written word for me does not sit comfortably.

One day I was sticking random pictures in a journal and saw that for me this was telling a story and it made sense to me. Since then I have been Art Journaling and it is a discovery I need to share with others.

This form of journaling for me, brings peace and quiet and creativity, it is a place I can get my inner most thoughts and feelings out and at the same time produce some art. even if it is just for me.


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