Discover Art Journaling

For years people/professionals have been encouraging me to keep a journal. I would start off on the right track with every good intention and it would last just a few days, writing words was just not my thing. I now realise that I get the blank page syndrome, I open my journal and just stare at the nice clean page and nothing happens, no thoughts, no words to put on this nice clean page.

Looking at my life journey and all the time I have spent on training to become a coach it has taught me that we all learn and function in different ways, in the words of Christina Brown of Mouthful Magazine "one size does not fit all".

About a year ago I discovered art Journaling and knew instantly that this was for me and that it could also work for others. I am now able to get the words out and then to Art over them, the words are only for me to see and to get out of my head to help stop the noise. I love teaching this process to my clients, watching as they get out of their heads and into their hearts. Finding their Space.

ink and string.jpg

Try giving art journaling a go - it may be just what you need. Have a wonderful day and enjoy finding your Space.