In the early eighties I lived on a farm in northern New South Wales. Life was idyllic. 100 acres of fertile land for our blueberries, the odd horse and the many people who turned up for a visit. We had a creek and a hill with lots of trees on it.

I was the perfect earth mother tending the vegie garden, hand washing the clothes, milking the cow. 

Dressed in an old pink candlewick dressing gown, my hair tied up on my head and my feet stuffed into a pair of battered wellington boots, I was ready for the day. Off to milk the cow and back in to organise breakfast for the troops.


It was the life I had always wanted.


Fast forward to 2017.

After many adventures and experiences I find myself back in the countryside, this time Maleny in south east Queensland.

My art has been the mainstay of my life through all my adventures (and misadventures, to be honest) and has evolved as I have, into a colourful expression of who I am and where I have been, to reach this point right now.

Every piece I create is designed from my heart and represents love on fabric. 

Much love - Stephanie Brown - 100% Pure Goddess